Two tools for finding collocations – words that go together
Collocation – what’s that about? It’s raining strongly. The film was a considerable hit. The candidate did a serious mistake
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Spreading the word about careers in languages through Inspiring the Future
Languages are rapidly losing ground as a subject of choice in secondary schools and higher education in the UK. And
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Splitting words at the ends of lines
(British) English word division explained     Different languages have different rules for where to divide words at the ends
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Translation and copywriting – they’re closer than you think
    In this blog post I look at how the skills involved in translation are often very similar to
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5 Tools for Cutting the Flab in Your Writing
With so much information vying for our attention these days, it’s more important than ever before for writers to be
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It’s OK to say ‘no’
As a freelancer, are you afraid to say ‘no’ to offers of work in case you create a bad impression?
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