Example of edited textThe kind of editing we specialise in is editing of non-native-speaker written texts. When it comes to language, we’re perfectionists. Because like you, we want your document to shine.

Let’s say you’ve written a paper or you’ve produced a PowerPoint presentation you want to present at a conference or seminar. You’re German or Dutch but you speak and write pretty good English. So you write your paper or your presentation in English.

Making the best impression

But to make the very best impression – and particularly if your paper is to be published – you need to make 100% sure it reads as if it had been written by an English native speaker in the first place.

Just to iron out those little mistakes that inevitably creep in when you’re writing in a language that isn’t your mother tongue.

Eliminate the uncertainties

Are you sure that comma belongs there? Does the plural of that word take an apostrophe? And are you confident you haven’t made any mistakes in your tenses?

Take the worry out of your writing by having your final version read through by an English native speaker.

Editing by a native speaker

Now, Kari speaks and writes fluent German and Dutch, for example. But she knows that however good her German and Dutch are, if she wrote something in those languages, it still wouldn’t sound exactly as if a native speaker had written it.

That’s where our editing services come in. We cast a native speaker eye over your English document and make sure all those niggly points like commas, tenses, hyphens, and complex syntax are correct. And give your document a final professional polish in English – without altering the meaning or the structure at all.


Natural English style

Styles and tones differ between languages. What works well in Dutch or German may not work so well in English.

We make sure your English text uses the right style for your intended audience. We check that any  idiomatic expressions are properly translated and that any cultural references are understandable to your English reader or listener.