Website Translation

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 Why having your website translated into English will benefit your business

  • Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in their language (
  • Visitors stay for twice as long (and therefore site stickiness is doubled) if a website is in their own language (Forrester Research).
  • Having a multilingual website improves your SEO.

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How to get your website translated

Read our handy guide that explains exactly what to do in easy-to-follow steps.


How website translation helps your SEO

Translated websites can often face much less competition when ranked in a different language (source: Reverbeo).

A study of the effects of website translation shows a strong correlation between the ranking of companies on a particular list and the number of languages found on their websites.


What our website translation service includes

Our website translation service includes:

    • Finding English equivalents for your page keywords and building them into your English web copy
    • Translating your page titles, page descriptions and alt texts
    • Formatting pages in an SEO friendly way, with short paragraphs, subheadings etc.