Revision is a translation checking service. You’ve had a document translated by someone and you want another pair of eyes cast over it to make sure it’s correct.

Some people refer to this service as proofreading, although proofreading is actually the process of reading through a print-ready document to correct any last-minute errors before it is printed.




Revision of source text and target text side by side


Four eyes principle

We call this revision process the ‘four eyes principle’ in the profession. When you have a document translated by us, we offer this as part of our translation services.

We check your Afrikaans-to-English, German-to-English or Dutch-to-English translation for

  • accuracy
  • style
  • fitness for purpose
  • register
  • consistent use of terminology

So that you can be 100% sure your translation is correct.

Because four eyes are better than two!